Download the stencils' "Step-by-step"

Face painting stencils

Great face-paintings in a flash? Nothing easier with GRIM’TOUT’s face painting stencils!

GRIM’TOUT makes the mother\’s, teacher\’s and activity leader’s life easier with adhesive, washable and reusable stencils!

Made with cosmetic quality, very flexible, these stencils are adapted to a child’s face for each design, with cheeks or frontal motifs.

The face-paint needs to be applied with a brush or a sponge on the stencil, and allows you to quickly realise great face painting! Every stencil comes with instructions for its use, and some illustrations.

Trick : don’t add too much water; just lightly moisten your sponge or brush to apply the colour on the stencil.

13 themes available : Ninja, Fairy, Princess Dracula, Fairy Tale, Jungle, Knight and Pirate, Flowers, Cats and Butterflies, Ocean, Sport, Magic, Indian, and Cowboy.