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Individual colours


    Grim’tout’s Clown White 50ml

    An ideal product, perfect for clown face paintings, with its creamy texture for high coverage on skin colour.

  • Fards de maquillage

    Water-based and paraben-free individual colours

    Contains: 20ml

    Made of high quality water-based face paint, GRIM’TOUT’s individual colours are paraben and fragrance free. They are perfect to make any type of face painting, while respecting all ages’ skin’s balance. They must always be diluted with water and applied with a damp sponge or a brush.

    The colours can easily be mixed to create new shades or colour gradations.

    To remove, it’s even simpler: with water and soap, or with a water-based cleansing lotion.

    24 colours available in 20ml pots.
    Black and white are also available in pots of 55ml.